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As Mazda readies the new 6, a few things that are being said of the previous 6 began to come to mind. Remember all the talk of dynamic styling? Finally, “they” said, Mazda brings a real competitor to the Camry/Accord sector. The 626 always needed power, and finally, Mazda lets the 6 use a competitive engine. Mazda, the critics figured, brought zoom-zoom to the dull midsize segment always dominated by the Toyota Camry, a car that lacked fun and excitement.

Indeed, the first-generation 6 improved Mazda’s image. You now recognize it in a way that was never true of the 626. Recommending the 6 as a decent used car buy wouldn’t be unusual for you. 
Nonetheless, the irony that surrounds the second-generation Mazda 6 is humorous, considering the statements made in the earlier part of this decade are being repeated now. Let’s hope this good-looking car represents a more applicable use of the aforementioned statements. Some if the 6’s best angles can be seen below. The first 6 is also pictured.