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1992 marked the end of Mulsanne production for Bentley Motors. 2011 will mark the Mulsanne’s rebirth. True, much of the Mulsanne’s architecture is still shared by the big Bentleys; those designed before Volkswagen took control of Bentley.

Immediately upon release, pictures of the new Mulsanne impressed greatly. Looking for all the world like a traditional Bentley, the new Mulsanne appears completely modern at the same time. Result.
We don’t know much about the ’11 Mulsanne’s powertrain or technological advances. In fact, we know next-to-nothing about the ’11 Bentley Mulsanne’s powertrain and technological advances. It’s very evident that the Mulsanne’s front end is designed to be redesigned. Remaining upright, the Mulsanne maintains the aura of I-have-more-money-than-you without peering back to 1979 for inspiration.
Wildly successful in its first attempt to reinvigorate the old-style Bentleys, the only pressure on Volkswagen revolves around the greatness of the Mulsanne’s interior and, naturally, torque levels.