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Interesting, you might find, to discover that a vehicle with a similar premise finds itself in The Good 12 Supersize and yet this, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, sits in the dungeon. Do recall, however, that the Chevy Avalanche makes use of rather impressive truck architecture. The Explorer ST doesn’t. The Avalanche looks good. The Explorer ST doesn’t. The Avalanche heads up anybody’s list of super-practical trucks because of the General Motors mid-gate. The EST doesn’t. 
Besides, the Explorer Sport Trac lacks desirability because it is what it is. Who wants a fairly useless pickup that’s based on out-of-date SUV which is itself based on engineering that Ford is actually putting out to pasture?
Ford’s Sport Trac version of the Explorer won’t net you much advantage in price or fuel efficiency compared with better options. Better options, that is, of which there are many; regardless in which segment you search.
Alternatives: getting a life, Chevrolet Avalanche, Toyota Tacoma
Necessary Incentivizing To Switch To The Good 12 Supersize: $15,985 off the MSRP
Anything Else? To everything there is a season… and a price. The EST isn’t a terrible vehicle in the sense that a Yugo was a terrible vehicle, but for $25,985 you can do better.