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Allow the images to speak for themselves. Experience the odd sensations of the Xtronic continously variable transmission. Hear the engine drone. And, once again, allow a profile shot of the Nissan Versa sedan to convince you of its Bad 8 credentials.

The Versa hatchback is an odd duck, itself. A weekend long GoodCarBadCar test drive made that clear in June. The sedan is similarly spacious but lacks the versatility of the hatchback configuration. So Nissan markets the sedan as a safe and secure option for Americans, likely as headquarters in Japan and France wonder at the existence of such a small four-door with a trunk.

Honestly, however, the ugliness of the Versa sedan and the multitude of better options seals its fate. Buyers want – or at least should want – more than just space and fuel efficiency. Add some spunk and funk to the Versa and you could have a winner.


Alternatives: Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent

Necessary Incentivizing To Switch To The Good 12: 25% off the purchase price.

Anything Else? Nissan’s spunkier and funkier other-world small car options include the Micra, even a Micra C+C.