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For many years, big trucks were considered the last bastion of American auto manufacturing dominance. Hopefully that’s not true. Hopefully the planet eventually latches on to cars like the Buick Regal, Ford Fusion Hybrid, and Cadillac XTS. If not, there’s always GM’s new heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Pictured in the Gallery below is the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD. Gracious, she casts a large shadow. But that’s the way we like’em. If you’re gonna be born as a truck, you want to be the biggest; the baddest; the most bodacious. The Chevy Silverado Heavy Duty trucks are certainly beastly but also supremely capable.
Start off with the jumbo engines. Horsepower from the 6.6L turbodiesel will increase, as will torque. Emissions? Reduced. Noise levels? Decreased. Fuel efficiency? Better. Thankin’ you.
Towing 20,000 pounds, one would assume, is a task left to 18-wheelers. Not so, believes Brent Deep. He used a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD to tow a 20,000 pound trailer for 245 miles in Colorado with only a few touches of the brake pedal. With a smart exhaust brake system, the 2011 Silverado HDs separate themselves from the field. That’s not to say the Ford F-Series Heavy Duty pickups aren’t also supremely capable; or that the heavy duty Dodge Ram trucks can’t haul a load. America produces tremendous trucks in every corner; apparently not unlike the country’s ability to throw together a fleet of goaltenders for Olympic hockey, each one capable of stealing a game. Canadian sadness acknowledged.
A few glances through the Chevrolet Silverado HD Gallery may intimidate. Europeans shall be offended. Sensitive Toyota Prius buyers may struggle to flip through every picture.
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