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All across the world, people wonder why Americans decide to refer to their baseball championship as the World Series? With one team in Canada and the remainder in the United States, how is it that this Series is the world’s? 

You may not follow. See, Acura isn’t a worldwide brand. I know, to North Americans – here I’m including Acura snobs in Canada – shock and awe follows the realization that Honda doesn’t sell the RDX, MDX, TSX, TL, and RL around the world. But wait a minute, within the empire that controls Acura resides a worldwide brand. You may follow. Honda is the controlling interest, and a mighty one at that.
Enough with the dysfunctional theorizing on American arrogance. See, in North America, Acura positions the RL strangely. It’s a large sedan; but not too large. It’s an expensive car; but not really that costly. It’s a powerful car with high-tech all-wheel drive; but competitors offer torquier engines that send power to the traditionally driven wheels at the rear. 
Stuck between opposing forces like its brother, the Acura TL, and the impressive Germans from BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi (5-Series, E-Class, A6) in addition to other made-for-America brands that sell midsize luxury – the Lexus GS and Infiniti M to name a couple – the Acura RL disappears. Poof, I never knew you.
And while you’re hoping beyond hope that Honda, a company that’s rejuvenated itself in Europe with sporting hatchbacks and amazing diesel engines, would do something different with the RL when an H badge is on the grille instead of the A badge, you already know you’re wrong. In the UK press, the Honda Legend is widely panned for being dull. We know the Brits, they would accept character and panache before performance and durability. In effect, with their buying power, that’s exactly what they do. 
Oh, luxury car buyers always seek out a little extra performance and don’t want a car that falls to pieces. But no car stands a chance in the first place if it is forgettable. The Honda Legend is just that: forgettable. Ignoring it requires no effort. If the large Honda ever gains a certains status, it won’t be for legendary qualities. Memorable only because it is forgettable, the 2009 Honda Legend gallery is viewable below.