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Canadians have become accustomed to paying too much money for their new cars. Having accustomized themselves, Canadian automotive consumers complained throughout the end of 2007 and this portion of 2008 while buying more cars than ever before. 

Some of that complaining paid off. Take a look at Volvo’s initiative from April of this year or Chrysler’s success in Canada this year, due very much to unbeatable prices. Now Honda appears to be throwing their hat into the automotive currency equality game.
In the United States, the 2009 Honda Fit will have a base MSRP of $14,550. In Canada, the 117-horsepower, roomy fuel-sipper will have a base MSRP of $14,980 when it hits dealers in a month. That equals $14,105 if converted to USD. Meanwhile the Americans are paying the equivalent of $15,453 for a basic Fit. This escapes the mention of any possible trim and equipment differences which can throw direct cross-border comparisons into disarray.
At the top end, American Honda Fit buyers will have an advantage. While Canadians will be docked $20,480 (equal to $19,279), below the 49th, Honda will charge $18,760. Again, small equipment differences can confuse the matter.