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Comparing the ’09 Honda Civic Si with the model that ran for three years before it is like comparing apples with…. well, apples. In fact, its like comparing the juiciest, crispest honeycrisp apple with another very juicy, crispy, honeycrisp apple.

Why will the ‘new’ Civic Si garner any attention at all? Well, Honda will market it as relatively new; relatively being my word and not their’s. Secondly, the Civic Si is an excellent car and a wise purchase. That’s why the motoring press, both mainstream and web-based will talk about it.
All too true, however, is the Civic Si’s continuance. Follow? The ’09 is just like the ’08. And the ’07 and ’06 that came before. That’s not a bad thing. Features will likely be bumped up a notch. Some slight styling tweakery will reveal a slightly, erm, crisper look. Prospective owners tend to gravitate to new or somewhat new things. That’ll help Honda sell a deservedly successful car, a car that’s quick and fun-to-drive in an era when fuel efficiency is demanded (and provided by the Si). 
But while The Good Car Guy will willingly point out that the ’09 Si  is just like the 1-year old model and note that fact as ‘not a bad thing’, one problem has arisen. In the gallery below, pay specific attention to disappointing wheels. Granted, “Honda” and “good wheels” traditionally avoid each other like life-long enemies. But this is seriously disappointing because Honda had managed to equip the ’06, ’07, and ’08 with decent wheels. Comparo pics are available. 
Oh I know plenty of Civic Si owners strip these four off and fit 19″ five-spokes. That’s beside the point. These disappointing creatures look like they belong on a mid-rung Accord sedan, not Honda’s most righteous coupe. Anyway, sixteen pictures are in the gallery below.