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You’re a hybrid lover but acknowledge that the added expense in most cases won’t be covered by your fuel savings. What to do, what to do? Wells Fargo is going to give somebody a Honda Civic Hybrid and an iPod so it might as well be you, so long as you’re an American resident not living in Rhode Island, Florida, or New York. Follow the link.

It seems that a car isn’t a grand enough prize in and of itself. Civic Hybrid + an iPod, GMC Acadia & a Garmin StreePilot navigation system. American Airlines must figure there’s a fair number of 8-member families who can’t afford flights, so AA’s giving an Acadia (and directions) to somebody. It might as well be you. Follow the link, Americans.

Prefer a larger hybrid? Win a Toyota Highlander here. Enjoy your efficiency in more natural ways? A Mini Cooper S from Samsung would fit the bill.

Canadians outside of Quebec could win a Nissan Versa from Much Music. The Dairy Farmers of Canada are offering a free Toyota Yaris, and Dodge is going to give away a Ram.