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Scheduling for the 2009 World Rally Championship is sure to raise eyebrows and drop jaws. February of ’09 sees rallies in Ireland and Norway followed by Cyprus in March; Portugal and Argentine in April; Italy in May; Greece and Poland in June; Finland in August; Australia in September; and ending with Spain and then Great Britain in October.

Something’s missing, say ye.

Aye, ’tis indeed a mystery. Monte Carlo, home to many a racing driver; many a playboy; many a Rolls-Royce; and many a yacht, is not on the 2009 WRC schedule.

Fast forward to January 24th of 2010. That’d be day 1 of the Monte Carlo rally, the first WRC phase in 2010. Sweden, Mexico, Jordan, Turkey, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Japan, and France follow the rally among the rich. The 2008 season by one race – to 15 – and as you counted, ’09 and ’10 feature just twelve.

If you can’t afford to roll amongst the high-roller but enjoy a view of the town, tune in next May 25th. Formula 1 never leaves Monaco.