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Volkswagen feels that autobahn is at the core of each and every… er, Volkswagen. There’s a fair degree of sense here. Volkswagen is a German company – People’s Car. Autobahn is as German as Franz Beckenbauer. And Adolf Hitler is a nasty historical connector. 

Thus, Volkswagen is using typically nifty advertising to push Rabbits, Touaregs, and Beetles out the showroom doors. $5,000 off of a Touareg brings the price down to $44,975. Passats for $27,475 is a $3,500 drop; Passat wagons receive similar savings (but at a higher price point). 
Here’s a link to the page of Volkswagen price drops in Canada. Jetta GLI = $2,200. GTI = $1,600. Jetta = $1,500. Eos = $1,200. New Beetle Convertible = $820. New Beetle = $800. Rabbit = $200. Volkswagen writes that lowering the price of the City Jetta and City Golf would be equivalent to giving them away. Thus, no price drop. 
The answer to the question, “What is Autobahn?”, as asked by Volkswagen: pictured below.