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In its first stint with The Good Car Guy, the Volvo XC70 T6 was restricted to city driving and therefore didn’t return the most favourable fuel economy numbers.

Volvo Canada’s website suggests the turbocharged XC70 would use 13.7 litres for every 100 kilometres of city driving. That’s a little over 17 US miles per gallon, 2 mpg better than what the Environmental Protection Agency says for city driving with the XC70. 
Unfortunatelt, The Good Car Guy’s very urban driving scenario didn’t result in 13.7L/100km but 17L/100km. That’s just under 14mpg, or about 16.5 Imperial miles per gallon.
Highway driving begins today when four campers head for Kejimkujik National Park. Although much of the trip will force the Volvo XC70 into frequent deceleration and acceleration as a result of twisty rural roads, the XC70 should still come closer to the 22 US mpg rating the EPA gives or 9L/100km listed by Volvo on their website. 
Let’s hope so. I just spent $25.17 on 18 litres of gasoline.