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mitsubishi galant

The Good Car Guy might be on vacation in Prince Edward Island, soaking up the sun and enjoying the dearth of traffic, but you’re stuck in the office with a craving for more Sales Stats. Naturally, The Good Car Guy thought ahead and provided a healthy dose of interesting facts for you to enjoy. Keep on’a scrollin.

They say full-size SUVs aren’t the trendy thang anymore. Well, how come Chevrolet sold 10,720 Suburbans and Tahoes in June in the USA? That’s a 56.4% gain on June 2009’s Suburban/Tahoe total, although a hefty drop from June 2008 when the Suburban and Tahoe combined to sell 15,975 units in America.

People have been talking about the Ford Mustang/Chevrolet Camaro sales battle. But these aren’t niche products. Mustang sales in June were more than double what Mazda put up with the 6, greater than the figures of any individual Subaru model, better than the Ford Edge or Ford Expedition or Explorer or Flex or Ranger or Taurus. Chevrolet’s Camaro, meanwhile, out-sold all of Cadillac’s cars combined and beat Volvo – the whole brand – by 2,545 sales.

Every time Mitsubishi USA sold a Galant in June, Toyota dealers sold 71 Camrys. 

Honda USA sold 1,848 Accord Crosstours in June. Its most direct competitor, the Toyota Venza, came close to doubling that figure with 3,512 sales. (The Venza is far more popular in Canada, 1,062 were sold in June north of the 49th parallel.)

Infiniti “truck” – the EX, FX, and QX56 – are less than three times less likely to be purchased or leased than an Infiniti “car” – the G37 and M37/M56. Acura “truck” – the MDX, RDX, and ZDX – was responsible for 5,464 sales in June, more than half of Acura’s 10,839 sales. Lexus “truck” sales, thanks mainly to the RX and not so much the GX or LX, totalled 9,183 in June. Overall, Lexus sold 17,332 vehicles in the States last month.

Scion sold 3,745 vehicles in June. The xB was Scion’s best-seller with 1,775 sales. The tC managed 1,137; the xD pulled in 833.

Though they didn’t realize it, Suzuki and Bentley have been waging a fairly serious sales war. U.S. sales of the Suzuki Equator in June reached 119, beating Bentley by 3 vehicles. Through one half of 2010, however, Bentley is ahead of the Equator by 20, 688 to 668. The Equator’s donor vehicle from Nissan, the Frontier, sold 2,920 in June; 18,429 year-to-date.

ford transit connect taxi

The Transit Connect is proving relatively popular for Ford. 2,136 sales is nothing to sneeze at, but it doesn’t compare with total E-Series sales of 10,192 in June.

General Motors sold 112 Pontiacs in June 2010, down 99.5% from June 2009. Pontiac sold 33,683 vehicles in June 2007. Saab had nothin’ doin’ in June 2010. 

Vehicles inducted into The Bad 8 v3.0 and The Bad 8 Supersize v2.0 average 1,283 sales in June in the USA. This figure doesn’t take into account sales of certain vehicles which are specific models inside a nameplate: BMW 5-Series GT, Dodge Challenger SE, Hummer H2 SUT, Ford Explorer SportTrac, Nissan Versa sedan, and the Chrysler Sebring convertible. Although we can’t include the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor or Ford Flex EcoBoost or two specific variations of the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class or diesel versions of the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen or the V8-powered Hyundai Genesis or Ford’s Fusion Hybrid or the Sport Wagon edition of Cadillac’s CTS or the base version of the Mini Cooper or Porsche’s Boxster Spyder (unless you have that info)…… Good 12 winners averaged 3,669 U.S. sales in June. Clearly The Good Car Guy is responsible for’s picks selling at a faster rate than those which were berated publicly on

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