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Top 5 Least Expensive Cars To Insure In 2011

We’ve been here before, both in 2009 and in 2010. does a wonderful service for the American populace by tracking insurance rates across the United States, finding average figures for average drivers, and breaking this down by specific models and trim lines. (You’ll notice The Good Car Guy broke through the trim line gobbledygook to find a more complete list free of multiple Toyota Siennas below.) It’s important to remember, however, that as much as the vehicle matters when it comes time to get a new insurance quote, your automobile insurance policy will be affected most by you, not your vehicle. Don’t be the guy with a bunch of speeding tickets who can’t resist risky behaviour like tailgating on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or weaving on I-95.

Auto insurance providers consider three things when finding a price for your yearly policy: risk, risk, and risk. Sure, they delve deeper into your driving history and the rating of the vehicle than that, but it all translates as one thing…. risk. If this vehicle is in an accident, how probable is the chance of high cost of repairs? By living in this neighbourhood and commuting to this workplace, how likely is it that this driver will be in an accident, and if so, will his vehicle be expensive to repair? How much damage will his vehicle do to the opposing car? Naturally, your insurance representative doesn’t stare into the abyss to figure out the answers to these questions. In fact, possesses the type of information on typical drivers in these machines to answer those some questions, all things being considered equal. So says their website: “A vehicle’s premiums for collision and comprehensive coverage are largely determined by that vehicle’s ‘loss history,’ meaning the frequency and severity of claims that are typically filed for that model by other drivers.”

So why did three minivans crack the top five? The three biggest reasons relate to the on-road nature of the typical minivan driver (not aggressive), common safety features as standard equipment, and the environment in which they’re driven. Not normally used for commuting, minivans can typically be found cavorting in suburban areas with parents who are conscious of their precious cargo. This doesn’t mean that you, with your speeding tickets and three fender benders from 2010, won’t pay way more than $1091/year for an automobile insurance policy on a new 2011 Mazda 5

One more thing to be mindful of: the daily cost difference between insuring the winner on this list and the most expensive vehicle to insure in America, the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, is less than seven dollars. Chances are, if you have the money for an AMG-fettled SL-Class Benz, you can afford the $6.74 extra per day in insurance over the ex-Daimler minivan slotted in below at #1. Here then are the Top 5 Least Expensive Vehicles To Insure In 2011. 

#5 – Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: $1131.27
#4 – Nissan Murano: $1127.89
#3 – Honda Odyssey: $1114.62
#2 – Toyota Sienna: $1100.66
#1 – Chrysler Town & Country: $1091.80

How did figure all this out? Quadrant Information Services sought out the average premiums for a single 40-year-old male with a clean driving record and good credit. Rates from State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, GEICO, Farmers and Nationwide were calculated in ten zip codes per state. Our male driver commutes 12 miles to work and has $100,000 for injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injures, and $50,000 for property damage along with a $500 deductible for collision and comprehensive. The rate also takes into account uninsured motorist coverage. is very careful to point out, “Your rate will depend on your personal factors.”

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