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Who killed the electric car? Or who couldn’t get it started? Tesla’s troubles to get their roadster into production will have a serious affect on customers after the purchase – and we know that. Not in a 1980’s Hyundai kind of way, but as an acknowledged solution to Tesla’s transmission issues.

The Roadster’s first day of production is now slated for March 17th.  More problematic than the delays will be the need for owners to refurbish their Tesla Roadster’s with the company’s DriveTrain 1.5, since the early production models will be fitted with a 2-speed transmission. 

What would the auto world say if Toyota demanded that your purchase of a new Camry came with a temporary engine, and the dealer would refit you with a V6 later on? How would you feel if your new Armani suit came with unsuitable buttons, but Giorgio could reapply classier buttons a few months on?

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