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Look under the hood of multiple Audi A6s at your local Audi dealer, America. What you won’t find are options; at least compared to the wide variety of powerplants on offer in Audi’s home market and much of Europe. Audi sold 234,000 A6 sedans and Avants last year around the world, more than key competitors from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. In order of ascending horsepower, here are the engines available to an Audi A6 buyer…. over there.

2.0L TDI: Diesels are the name of the executive car game in Europe. This basic 2.0L turbodiesel produces just 134 horsepower. The TDI e achieves close to 45 miles per gallon. A higher state of tune can help the 2.0L TDI to 168 horsepower.
2.0L TFSI: With 168 horsepower, this turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline-fed engine is seen in an infinite number of Volkswagen Group products. 
2.7L TDI: Equivalent to its slightly larger gasoline-powered V6, this diesel V6 makes 187 horsepower to begin with. Its torque figure approaches 300 lb-ft.
2.8L FSI: In its lower state of tune, the 2.8L gas V6 makes 187 horsepower. Bump up the power of the gas V6 to 217 horsepower if you like.
3.0L TDI: 237 horsepower was the domain of zippy V6s like the great Nissan VQ not many years ago. Now this turbodiesel produces huge horsepower and monstrous torque; 369 lb-ft of yank.
3.1L FSI: Still available in the U.S. market to those who want front-wheel drive and a CVT, this 255-bhp V6 is disadvantaged in light of the new 3.0L TFSI.
3.0L TFSI: Generating 286 horsepower from a small V6 isn’t easy. This one is artificially aspirated.
4.2L FSI: 345 horsepower is a wonderful thing, especially with the distant rumble of a V8.
5.2L FSI: Ten cylinders is plenty, thanks. 435 horsepower propels the S6 onward and upward.
5.0L FSI: Apparently ten cylinders isn’t plenty. Add two turbochargers. Bring the horsepower total to 572 for the RS6.