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Created by ad firm Saatchi & Saatchi and starring Rachel Drummond and Brian Huskey, the 2011 Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon music video/commercial/YouTube sensation is the ideal minivan ad. Playing up minivan stereotypes with humour and some pretty decent acting, the Swagger Wagon clip went viral. Oh, and by the way, U.S. sales of the Toyota Sienna in May were up 49.7%.

In a segment that’s either dying or stagnant, it probably wasn’t that hard for Toyota to sign off on a different approach for the 2011 Sienna’s advertising. What’s there to lose? (Conventional minivan advertising can be seen here.) You get the impression director Jody Hill got exactly what he was looking for, Toyota got exactly what they were looking for, and we got exactly what we didn’t expect.

Yet there’s much, much more than just the Swagger Wagon music video. Apart from a few short cuts you can see on Toyota’s Sienna YouTube channel, The Good Car Guy counts 13 Sienna ads in the Swagger Wagon vein. You can watch them all after the jump where they are all neatly ranked. Included in the rankings The Good Car Guy has also supplied any necessary tidbits and the best line from the clip. After all, these ads really are about the writing as much as they are about the 2011 Toyota Sienna.

#13 – Daddy Like Protecting
“Then he stopped talking to me…. It’s been a few years.” @ 0:09
The Advanced Technology Package Daddy’s talking about is an option only on the $39,355 Sienna Limited.

#12 – Diaper Bag
“But I’m not runnin’ around rockin’ mom jeans.” @ 0:14
Want more stereotyping? The cops in this clip are eating hot dogs and drinking soda.

#11 – Daddy Like Help
“Once they lose that new kid smell there’s one minor flaw – they have no work ethic. None.” @ 0:07
Want power-folding third-row seats? Think Sienna Limited, once again.

#10 – Mommy Like Versatility
“Je suis le fromage.” @ 0:31
All-wheel drive Siennas start at $31,130.

#9 – Mommy Like Rest
“I’m not saying that about myself. I have evidence.” @ 0:10
Tip-up and long-slide is ready and willing on all 2011 Siennas.

#8 – Daddy Like Space
“Roll the windows down; let the wind just rush through my hairs….” @ 0:43
Even cool commercials can’t make wood trim sound good.

#7 – Timeout
“Frankly, the idea of owning a minivan used to make me cry myself to sleep at night.” @ 0:01
For most of us, the idea of owning a minivan still makes us cry ourselves to sleep.

#6 – Daddy Like Bonding Time
“Open a new bottle – I don’t want it to be flat.” @ 0:38
For true reclining pleasure the Sienna should’ve been pointed the other direction. IMHO. Then again, I’m pretty particular with my reclining positions.

#5 – Car Wash
“It’s like they took my essence, bottled it, and then poured it all over the car.” @ 0:16
That is a lot of vehicle to wash.

#4 – Playdate
“You’ve got the same car seat in there, Gary.” @ 0:12
Siennas made up less than 10% of all Toyotas sold in the USA in May. There shouldn’t be too many out there just like yours.

#3 – Mommy Like I Spy
“This girl, she’s the loudest breather you have ever heard.” @ 0:27
Don’t like, do anything illegal with your backup camera, ok?

#2 – Mommy Like Deals
“Can you afford love? Can you afford love?” @ 0:20
An amazing price? When did minivans get so expensive? 2011 Siennas start at $24,620. Or $6,155 per cylinder. Ouch.

#1 – Meet The Parents
“We are winning at parenthood.” @ 1:00
Ever really thump a stereo in a minivan? There’s something about minivan acoustics, it really can be a very good thing.

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