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Money is so much easier to find when you’re winning. Ask Ferrari, Sidney Crosby, or Chris Paul. But don’t ask Super Aguri.

Super Aguri has little idea of how success feels in Formula 1 racing. Read about their results from the Spanish Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prix, Malaysian Grand Prix, and the Australian Grand Prix to see how far back in the pack Super Aguri finished. 
To those not accustomed to racing norms, especially that of F1, are likely surprised and disgusted. Imagine the Montreal Expos or Minnesota Twins troubles from a few seasons back ending in June. “Yep, season’s over, boys. Pack up your gear and head home. We can’t pay you.” In fact, last I checked, Safari failed to open
In Super Aguri’s case, Honda can’t continue financially supporting Aguri Suzuki’s team. Sponsorship from SS United Oil & Gas Company didn’t pan out. And, as already mentioned, race results hadn’t come around after two years. This exit leaves 10 teams and 20 cars in Formula 1 for the remaining fourteen races.