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Honda is announcing a recall of its popular (and award winning) Fit subcompact. The Fit, a GoodCarBadCar Good 12 winner, can potentially suffer from salty driver’s shoes.


Yes, for those in snowy, cold climes – especially those places where salt is used in place of sand – the salty moisture from the driver’s footwear can leak through the carpet; eventually corroding wires. That corrosion affects sensors whose main duty is to control the on/off control of the airbags. In other words, the airbag could still release; even with a small child is seated therein.

The recall includes 34,000 Fits, but don’t be surprised if more are eventually included. Considering that Fits do cross borders and sometimes relocate, Honda could be in for the sight of bigger numbers. Fret not. Honda’s super small car is still a highly recommended purchase.