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Yesterday was more than likely the warmest day yet this summer; at least in the city where The Good Car Guy resides. The UV rays were high. The sky was a sweet blue. Clouds were few and far between. And in more than one place, convertible owners were driving around with their top up.

Ooooh, don’t wanna get a sunburn. People love to pay extra money to own the convertible, but it frustrates the Good Car Nation to no end when those tops remain aloft on days full of potential for droptops. You would think the advent of the retractable hardtop would change all that. So fast, so smooth, so dramatic – why not (briefly, at worst) enjoy the beautiful sky since, after all, you did pay for it? 
Mercedes-Benz customers in Canada can expect to shell out an extra $9,000 for a CLK cabriolet. Ford Mustang convertible buyers will likely need between $2K-$5K more money than the coupe buyer. Mazda wants $2,195 to turn your softly textured roof into an MX-5 PRHT. That’s power retractable hardtop for those of you not in the know. And the MX-5 Roadster-Coupe is a rather spectacular specimen. The video below shows that very car in motion, displaying the advantages of the hardtop Miata. But first, check out the original, also a Ford Motor Company product. Let Ricky and Lucy guide you through.