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One great difference between French and German automobile manufacturers can be described in this’a’way: Renault; Peugeot; and Citroen introduce weird vehicles automatically and think nothing of placing said vehicles in series production while BMW; Mercedes-Benz; Audi; VW and the gang are forced into conceptualizing strange stuff and struggle to consider production. 

The Renault Kangoo isn’t a typical vehicle in its own right. Take the strange up a notch and you have the surprisingly desirable Renault Kangoo Be Bop. In Renault terms, it’s the Kangoo be bop. Itty-bitty diesels displacing less than two litres and generating a smidge over 100 horsepower – or less – power a vehicle that’s significantly less than four metres long. 
Renault says the Kangoo Be Bop has 16-inch wheels and thus, “holds the road with precision”. That’s funny. One can assume the Kangoo Be Bop will never be linked to the RenaultSport Megane in terms of handling acumen.
Unique elements and features are clearly visible in the gallery below. The regular Kangoo is pictured above.