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Six cylinders displacing 3.8 litres, mated with two turbochargers and direct injection, make Porsche’s new 2010 911 Turbo a 500 horsepower kind of car. Porsche’s estimates are usually conservative, and they’re saying the new Turbo will hit 60mph in 3.4 seconds. Their suggestion that the 911 Turbo will reach 194mph (312kmh) is entirely believable.

Yet, for the first time ever when it comes to the introduction of a new Turbo, I don’t care.
Though it may sound like heresy coming from an auto enthusiast, the 911 Turbo has begun boring me. Always with the power and the superior all-wheel drive and the grip and the traction. If every car were a 911, the Turbo would be analogous to mainstream midsize V6 sedans. Sure, it’s fast and solid and luxurious and good-looking (from some angles). But most of its customers choose the automatic. There are two semi-useable seats in the rear. The Turbo is by no means the fastest 911 available. Thank the GT2 for that fact. And it’s nowhere close to reigning as the champion of frightening hardcore sportscars. Blame the GT3.
‘Tis the speed of the 911 Carrera S that, for me personally, makes the new 911 Turbo finally boring. Countless others have already come to this conclusion. They’re driving the Audi R8. Some of them, dare I point out, are sitting in the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG with the top down…. until the sky falters and spits out a few droplets.
Yes, the 911 GT3 makes the Turbo look like the 911 for your grandfather. Comfortable and fast with a reputation that makes him look younger. But…. really not the best tool for corner carving. Better than almost anything on the planet? Yes. But not the best.
Oh, and if I want knock-the-wind-out-of-me; hand-the-policeman-my-license; make-my-wife-angry; insult-every-environmentalist-alive kind of speed, the 911 GT2 is better suited to playing the villain.
Porsche’s new 911 Turbo ticks all the boxes. Jaw-droppingly fast? Tick. Slightly more mature rear wing than before? Tick, indeed. Technologically advanced? Tick check. Slightly improved fuel efficiency? Ticker-tape parade. PDK transmission availability? Check tick.
Pent-up excitement finally released from every auto enthusiast now that pics (7 below) and specs have been released? Fail.