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Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am Sales Figures

Pontiac Grand Am

Here you will find yearly Canadian and U.S. sales figures for the Pontiac Grand Am. The Pontiac Grand Am was a mid-size car produced by General Motors’ Pontiac division from 1973 to 2005. It was one of Pontiac’s most popular models, and it was known for its stylish design, its affordable price, and its fuel efficiency. The Grand Am was available in two-door coupe and four-door sedan body styles. It was powered by a variety of engines, including four-cylinder engines and V6 engines. It was mated to either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

Pontiac Grand Am U.S Sales Data & Charts

Year Sales Units
2005 31,613
2006 828
2007 99

Source: Automakers & ANDC