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Don’t take any of these as a serious part of your local police force’s method for tracking you down next time you crack 100 in a 60. The Caparo T1 police-edition inspired me to find some other great “paint-and-lights” jobs, most of which are publicity stunts to one degree or another.

500+ bhp Lamborghini Gallardo’s do a fantastic job of transporting kidneys and livers down the autostrada. All-wheel drive helps the driver ignore the rain, too.

High horsepower numbers is not a part of the Lotus Exige game. Granted, the S version isn’t exactly a weakling. But for crossing the Yorkshire Moors behind too-fast Mitsu Evo’s and Subie STi’s, nothing will work as well as Lotus’ racer for the road.

Brabus is a renowned Mercedes-Benz tuner, probably the most famous aftermarket Benz manufacturer now that AMG is in-house. The Brabus Rocket truly shares characteristics with a high-powered space machine – humanity has never moved so fast (730 horsepower, 360km/h) in a sedan before. Oh… forgot, Mercedes calls it a coupe. Sorry, Benz. It ranked #1 in yesterday’s Top 5 Cars Bought for Beauty. You won’t see Brabus CLS Rocket’s cruising by your 330d on the autobahn but you will see it used as a German tool (like the Techart 911 below) to encourage safe tuning of automobiles.

More than the CLS or Exige – but perhaps less than the Gallardo or Caparo – this 911 really handles the polizei livery quite nicely. I’m not a 911 drooler; but I am a Porsche respecter. And this 911 looks about as good as any.

I’m curious to know why the car enthusiast world gets so enthusiastic over a fast police car, whether it reaches your local constabulary or not. Drop a line to [email protected] or share your thoughts with the GCBC Nation by clicking the Comments button below.