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During the lead-up to the bankruptcy of General Motors, formerly the largest auto conglomerate in the world, many onlookers were confused by the selection of Buick as one of the brand selected to survive. Inside America, Pontiac outsold Buick in 2008 by some 130,000 vehicles. In fact, Buick was out-sold by Cadillac, a brand competing in a higher price spectrum where sales are limited.

Since that point, casual observers have learned much of Buick’s strength in China. There was a theory strongly held by those in the know, not too long ago, which clearly denoted any product that succeeded in the USA as a product worth selling. Forget that. Any product loved by China is now the product worth selling. And China loves Buick.
Still, there had to be something else that made GM keep a brand with a dwindling customer base (they’re all dying) over a brand (Pontiac) that sells more cars in the home market and has, let’s be honest, a more exciting portfolio.
The “something else” can clearly be seen in the pictures below. Buick hasn’t been selling many vehicles in the U.S. over the last few years, and the reason can be easily discovered in the first, third, fifth, and seventh pictures of this album. Running contrary to those pics are the second, fourth, sixth, and eigth. The first group shows the cars being replaced; the second group are new Buicks.
Pictures don’t sell cars, true. But we happen to know the Enclave CUV/SUV/Crossover/Thing is a wonderful vehicle in which to spend time. Recent reviews of the 2010 LaCrosse point to its wonderful engines, capable chassis, and sublime luxury.
Read the words at the bottom of this page and you’ll wonder how The Good Car Guy can say these things about Buick while suggesting that he “thoughts and feelings of a generation of first-time new car buyers”. Consider this: The Good Car Girl and I were walking to a funky downtown store called “The Black Market” earlier today. Just steps from the store, a white Enclave nearly came into contact with our knees. I looked at the grille, took note of that badge, and thought not angry thoughts. Rather, “I want one of those”, were the first words that sprung to mind.
Buick, though definitely not represented by a generation of LOL, TTYL, txt mssging, or Twittering urban hipsters, is still quickly progressing to cool and hip. Cool and hip enough for our older siblings.