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124 pages of February/08’s Car&Driver inspired me to provide The Good Car Nation with a complete look at the big numbers in autodom over the last month. Discussed, written, and edited by C/D, but provided to you succinctly, here are the numbers you need to know.


20 – percent of the overall energy used in the USA by private vehicles.

1100 – cost per hour (in dollars) to use the wind tunnel at the Auto Research Center in Indianapolis.

145 – loss of horsepower from Lincoln’s MKR concept to the standard MKS production car.

5 – births required (in a one-shot, five-at-a-time deal) for Kia UK to give you a free car. Birthing one child will net you a $1,000 discount.

15.5 – size, in inches, of the Brembo carbon-ceramic – vented and cross-drilled – brakes on the upcoming Corvette ZR1.

60,000 – price per gallon of the clear-coat finish that Chevrolet will be applying to the exposed carbon-fibre weave on the ZR1.

8 – extra cubic feet of interior volume in the rear of a Jeep Liberty when compared with the Nissan Rogue.

1000 – Extra towing ability, measured in pounds, of the Liberty, when compared with the Rogue.

40 – Extra horsepower provided by the Liberty’s V6, compared with the Rogue’s 2.5L four-cylinder.

1.1 – time saved in the Rogue, compared with the Liberty, in the sprint to 60 mph.

118 – top speed, in mph, of the Rogue; 6mph higher than that of the Liberty.

0.79 – lateral grip, in g’s, of the Rogue, .12 greater than the Liberty’s max around a 300ft skidpad.

5 – extra miles each gallon of fuel takes you in a Rogue when compared with the Liberty, both on the highway and in the city.

13 – STi logos emblazoned on the new flagship Subaru Impreza.

6.8 – 0-60mph time of the new Honda Civic Mugen Si sedan, 0.1 seconds slower than that of a regular Civic Si coupe.

0.88 – lateral grip offered up in the Mugen Si, .03 lower than that of the Si coupe.

81 – weight gain in the Mugen Si sedan over the regular Si coupe.

8190 – price increase of the Mugen Si sedan over a base Si sedan.

1000 – buyers who Honda believes are willing to pay an extra $8190 for a Mugen badge.