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NOT TO BE OUTDONE – Hamann tinkers with already-bad SLR to make Hamann X6 look pretty

Great for interviews, more difficult in life. “I like a challenge”, they say. Apparently that’s why Hamann, a somewhat respected German tuner/manufacturer, chose the McLaren SLR as its next project. Apparently, some stylist was given the task of making the Hamann X6 look good. As a result, said stylist chose as his or her subject the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a really awful-looking transportation device of the superbly fast variety.

More white and black, just like the X6 recently covered here. More Hot Wheels craziness; but only in the sense of Hot Wheels models you never actually buy your kids. It’s 14 km/h faster than the regular SLR, a car that wasn’t exactly crying out for more speed.
Yup, it doth appear as though Hamann made their X6 look good. But only if it’s parked next to this beast.