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The possible sighting of this vehicle in North America is so verily impossible that I dare suggest it is unimaginable. Citroen hasn’t competed on in Canada or the USA for decades and apart from its PSA partner, Peugeot, selling scooters in the near future, nothing Citroenesque appears to be forthcoming.

So take a minute to enjoy the unimaginable. I mean, try to imagine it…. just for a second. Sitting in your Camry at a red light, a two-box ‘car’ with strangely-contoured windows pulls up beside you. The driver is wearing a beret and his kerchief is large underneath a velvet blazer. (The windows are huge – you can see the blazer.) You’re so terribly freaked out by this heretofore unseen vehicle that you prod the throttle a little, hoping to show this dude a thing or two. He looks your way and smirks; not at your temerity but at your wastefulness. Then it is he who remembers that, sacrebleu, gasoline is only $1.50/gallon in parts of Kansas and those crazy Americans can be as wasteful as they want.
Finally, you roast him away from the lights. The best-selling car in America is available with 268 horsepower after all. He has 4.75 ponies on his side. I jest, he probably has 90 bhp under the hood. Nevertheless, your problem is that you absolutely murdered something in a drag race so resoundingly that you don’t even know what it is you beat. The beret-wearing dude was driving a Citroen Berlingo Multispace.
This Citroen shares much with the C4 Picasso, a car The Good Car Guy labelled as one of the Top 5 cars for the next Pope-mobile. The new Berlingo Multispace is slightly larger than before (24cm longer, 8cm wider) which makes the BM even better at what it does best: make space for people, their pets, and their stuff. It suits some consumers’ needs to a T and does so extraordinarly cheaply. “It’s a good car, the Berlingo. And in these difficult times, it makes even more sense than usual,” Jeremy Clarkson said. In fact, the Berlingo Multispace is even a bit fun to drive they say. The full 60 photo gallery is below.