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One month plus a day from now you’ll hear who took the crown of North American Car (& Truck) of the Year. General Motors swept the two-title series last year with the Saturn Aura and Chevrolet Silverado. Out of 54 possible nominees, GM showrooms hold four of the final six candidates. Present in the COTY triumvirate are Chevrolet’s Malibu, the Cadillac CTS and the Honda Accord. The loosely named ‘truck’ category is represented by the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid and Mazda CX-9.

Does the Malibu, a bolder; better version of last year’s winner, really deserve to win? Has it moved the game on that much? Will the Tahoe Hybrid hype override what The Good Car Guy noticed to be dismal real-world fuel economy and a poor driving experience to take the TOTY title, especially considering the Mazda CX-9’s seven-seat sports-car on stilts reputation and the best-Buick-in-decades Enclave?

We shall see. It should be known, however, that it was…. today – yes; today – that Cadillac’s entry won GoodCarBadCar’s American Impact Car of the Year.