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Sometimes it’s the bumper height or the width of the seats. Other times its the placement of the blinkers or the size of the wheels. But you rarely notice anymore. We’re speaking of the difference between the European, American, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian market vehicles. And many more nations that have slight restrictions on different things; things like bumpers and blinkers.

So spot the differences if you will, but one way or another, this is the Kia Soul meant for consumption in North America. Not eligible for The Good 12 v2.0 because of its late on-sale date (see last year’s intro for rules), the Soul will surely be a competitor for one of twelve spots on The Good Car Guy’s list of recommended vehicles for The Good 12 v3.0.
Terrific value should be easy to come by – the Soul will be priced between the Rio and Spectra. Kia got the image right. The Soul is tough but still modern and edgy and quite handsome. And though you’d expect the option of all-wheel drive on a vehicle that looks like the Kia Soul, the absence of such an option will help keep the cost down for everyone.