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Amazing to consider, isn’t it, that late last decade, Renault swooped in to assist a fledgling Japanese automaker known as Nissan? Of course, the French automaker doesn’t compete with its French badge in the USA or Canada, but Nissan and Infiniti are doing rather well, thanks.

The goal, of course, is to push that success to another level. Nissan’s Versa has helped a formerly prominent small-car brand at the low end. The next Titan pickup will be Dodge-developed. Nissan also has plans to bring the next-gen Cube to this continent. Further to this …..
An enlarged engine for the Nissan 350Z. Three-Fifty will soon become a misnomer. The 3.7L V6 you enjoy in the Infiniti G37 coupe will join with the two-seat Z from Nissan to create the 370Z. Don’t expect the overall look of the car to be significantly changed; certainly not the very traditionally Z-car profile. Power will be plentiful, nonetheless. In the G37, the VQ engine generates 330 horsepower. Don’t be surprised if the 370Z produces 335-345bhp.
Speaking of the G37, financial reports from Nissan have confirmed the advent of an Infiniti G37 convertible. Another Infiniti convertible became infamous for its inability to convince buyers of its merits in the early 1990s. The M30 lived for just a couple model years but managed a humorous role in George Clooney’s “Three Kings”.