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Imagine, if possible, a midsize crossover from 1999 without technology such as Subaru’s vehicle dynamic control. Now imagine such a vehicle with VDC. Finally, imagine that vehicle with VDC, but it’s not working.

Obviously, a vehicle designed to be used with such technology ought to be fixed when the system fails. Simply keep in mind, however, that for decades, such a device wasn’t even possible. I suppose the point is likely the same as a Recall for seatbelts in the late 60s. Everybody got along without them right? That would now be perceived as a stupid statement.
Regardless, the ’08 and ’09 Subaru Tribeca, those Tribecas with VDC, may have their G-sensor improperly installed. This could be 5,130 vehicles, NHTSA says.

Obviously, in dire circumstances, the expected ability of VDC to help out won’t be present and accounted for. Thus, dealers will check out the possibility that the Tribeca’s VDC G-sensor is in backwards and, if so, the sensor will be reinstalled properly.
1-800-782-2783 is the number to call if you have questions about your Subaru and this Tribeca recall.