Three reasons for not buying the Buick Lacrosse/Allure? To begin with, how old are you? If you’re 75, you likely don’t want to announce it. If you’re under 40; you typically steer clear of activities and purchases which cause you to appear over 80 years of age. So…. why are you considering the Lacrosse?

Secondly, driver involvement. Well, there is none. The Buick Enclave is a gigantic crossover and few drivers would expect to derive ‘fun’ from such a vehicle. Lacrosse/Allure is a largish midsize sedan. Quiet Tuning is terrific, Buick. What about suspension tuning that would do more than just smother the bumps?

Finally, other cars. Other cars offer plenty of reason to avoid an Allure. Honda’s Accord or a Subaru Legacy would provide the aura of youthfulness with driver enjoyment. The Lacrosse will, however, keep you safe.

Saab makes a car which it entitles the 9-5. I once drove inside an old 9000 Turbo. It felt really fast. The turbo lag was so sick it was awesome. The 9-5 isn’t much different, a decade.5 later. Yikes, isn’t that enough reason? Do I need to give you three reasons to avoid the Saab 9-5? Here’s four.

  1. It looks familiar. Like a 1994 Saab 9000 kind of familiar.
  2. 2008 Cadillac CTS (A fellow General Motors car – a car GM whose development GM invested in.)
  3. Audi A6
  4. It’s not a jet.

Suzuki makes a thing – a car I guess – called the Aerio. They also have the Reno, Forenza, and SX4. The SX4 is basically a better Aerio. And the SX4 is still available as a hatch. With all-wheel drive. And a lower base price. The Aerio looks like the type of vehicle that European automakers stop making, then license the building of it to some south-Asian country to market as their own. The Aerio would make a great Perodua flagship. I need no other justification for naming the Aerio as a Must-Avoid.

No humans were harmed in the making of the following video. Fortunately, a car was.