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Subaru has decided to stay the course with the 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX; but only in terms of the price. Equipped with an extra 41 horsepower, stiffer springs, larger anti-roll bars, retuned dampers and upper strut mounts combine to give the WRX a more STi-like suspension while a more aggressive bodykit provides a closer link to the STi, as well.

Future Impreza WRX customers should be pleasantly surprised with news that the re-jigged turbocharged Impreza will provide $5.00 in change from your $25K. Mitsubishi couldn’t have been surprised when, in their first attempt to strike the WRX and not just the STi, they introduced a Lancer Ralliart with a de-tuned Evo X engine and an amazing dual-clutch gearbox only to see Subaru strengthen the WRX. 
Poor Mitsubishi could have been surprised to see that Subaru strengthened the WRX without increasing the numbers on the window sticker. The Lancer Ralliart costs $27,665 in the United States. (Read about the Lancer Ralliart in a Lowdown here.)
Mitsubishi’s quasi-rally car is still a very good deal and should be successful. For more traditional buyers, Subaru will continue to offer the 224-bhp powerplant with gentler suspension, more equipment, and a similar pricetag in the form of the Impreza GT. With the new WRX, Subaru is simply ensuring a longer run for the original entry of Japan’s hi-po econo-sedans into North America. Press onward.