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There is no denying that General Motors is on an upswing. But I’d love to meet the people who are going to buy a 2008 Hummer H2, 2008 Buick Lucerne Super, or Buick Lacrosse/Allure Super because of the following additional attributes.

  • A barrel load of added horsepower in the Hummer
  • Waterfall grilles and lower chromed grille openings on the Lacrosse
  • 17 more horsepower in the Lucerne
  • More chrome
  • More portholes
  • Added tow capacity (already 6,500 pounds, clearly not enough) for the Hummer
  • Potentially improved efficiency when compared with previous models. No numbers required nor provided. Hummer and efficiency. Hmm
  • New interior bits and bites for Hummer, likewise for Buick exterior

In early ’07 Hummer sales had fallen 25%. Al Gore is doin’ a job in Hollywood and Washington and perhaps that doesn’t help Hummer. Buick says they sell cars to grown-ups who pay cash and are not credit challenged. They are virtuous, wonderful customers who appreciate and can purchase nicer things.

Ah yes, that generation that has about 5-15 years left of car purchasing ability. Or about 1-3 cars. Keep on attacking that market sector. What a demographic. Forget about me and every other non-grandparent. Hope, and I mean, hope, that Pontiac can pick us up.