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Mini Cooper Sales Figures

Mini Cooper

Here you will find monthly and yearly Canadian and U.S. sales figures for the Mini Cooper, Cooper Clubman, Cooper Coupe, Cooper Roadster, and Cooper Convertible. The Mini Cooper is a small car manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successors from 1959 to 2000. It is now produced by BMW, which acquired the Mini brand in 2000. The Mini Cooper is known for its distinctive design, go-kart handling, and fuel efficiency. It has been praised by critics for its fun-to-drive character and retro styling.g

Mini Cooper Overview

The original Mini Cooper was designed by Alec Issigonis and launched in 1959. It was an instant success, thanks to its small size, affordability, and fuel efficiency. The Mini Cooper was also a popular choice for racing, and it won the Monte Carlo Rally three times in the 1960s. The Mini Cooper was discontinued in 2000

BMW relaunched the Mini brand in 2001, maintaining its classic design but updating it with modern engineering and features. The new Mini Cooper is larger and more powerful than the original, but it still retains the same classic design and go-kart handling. The Mini Cooper is available in a variety of models, including the Hardtop, Convertible, Clubman, Countryman, and Paceman.

The Mini Cooper is a popular choice for city driving, thanks to its small size and maneuverability. It is also a good choice for fuel-efficient commuting. The Mini Cooper is not the most spacious car on the market, but it is comfortable for two adults and one child. The Mini Cooper is a relatively expensive car, but it is worth the price for its fun-to-drive character and retro styling. If you are looking for a small, stylish, and fuel-efficient car that is also fun to drive, the Mini Cooper is a great option.

The Mini Cooper SE, introduced in 2020, is the brand’s first all-electric model. It retains the characteristic design and fun-to-drive nature of the Mini Cooper while offering an emissions-free driving experience.

Mini Cooper Sales Figures

The Mini Cooper has been praised for its engaging driving experience, high-quality interior, and strong character. However, it can be criticized for a relatively harsh ride on some models, limited interior space, and premium pricing compared to other small cars. It isn’t a market share leader, but it has fans in its niche who buy and enjoy their bit of British nostalgia.

Mini Cooper U.S Sales Data & Charts

U.S Monthly Sales

U.S Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2005 40,820
2006 39,171
2007 42,011
2008 54,077
2009 45,225
2010 45,644
2011 41,514
2012 48,797
2013 45,177
2014 33,467
2015 41,828
2016 39,324
2017 32,239
2018 26,119
2019 22,123
2020 18,684
2021 22,970
2022 20,012
2023 20,974
2024 4,217

U.S Annual Growth

Mini Cooper Canada Sales Data & Charts

These Canadian sales include not just the Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Coupe, and Roadster, but the Paceman, as well

Canada Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2012 4,574
2013 3,946
2014 3,365
2015 5,638
2016 5,915
2017 5,240
2018 4,466
2019 3,703
2020 2,739
2021 2,702

Canada Annual Growth