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Well it ain’t comin to North America.  The continent of big butts will not receive the four-wheeled, big-butted Benz.  You may’ve been desirous of a small Mercedes hatchback; and if so, I’m not speaking to you.  I’m speaking to the other 330,000,000 people in Canada and the USA who’d rather not be exposed to such Mercedes heresy each time we walk into a Mercedes-Benz dealer.

To put it lightly, the previous C-class-based coupe wasn’t a “hit” on this side of the pond.  To put it honestly, much of this new C-class-based coupe is the same as the old one.  The exterior is more suitable for an ’09 model, the interior is upgraded, and Mercedes says their engineers have newly developed or enhanced 1100 components. Thanks for taking care of that. But no thanks.
The C-class will be available with the typically wide array of four and six cylinder engines in Europe. Horsepower will range from 122 to 272.  The CLC’s main competitors include the BMW 1-series and Audi A3, but stretch across its own showroom to the A and B-classes as well as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus on the bottom end.