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THE BAD 8 v3.0 – PART VI


Top 3 Reasons For Avoiding: Styling appears to have been done by somebody who wondered what a Toyota Corolla would look like with a can of ugly poured on top. Nobody should want a low-powered front-wheel drive luxury car. This is anti-fun at its worst.

Alternatives: Ford Fusion Hybrid, BMW 3-Series, “finding yourself”

Base USD Price: $34,200

Ideal Owner: The sort of guy (or girl) who frequently makes unbelievable claims about his stereo, the history of her house, the amount of time she spends at the gym, his famous relative, and the fuel economy of “the hybrid I own”.

Necessary Incentivizing B4 Purchase: Buy 1 HS250h, receive a penny for everybody who chuckles at you as you drive by.