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Isuzu Ascender Sales Figures

Isuzu Ascender

The Isuzu Ascender is a mid-size SUV that was produced by the Japanese automaker Isuzu. It was introduced in 2002 and was available in the United States until 2008. Isuzu discontinued the Ascender after the 2008 model year as part of its withdrawal from the U.S. passenger vehicle market. There was no direct replacement for the Ascender in Isuzu’s lineup, reflecting the brand’s shift away from passenger vehicles toward commercial and industrial products.

The Isuzu Ascender represents a period in Isuzu’s history when the company was attempting to maintain a presence in the North American passenger vehicle market. Sharing much with other GM SUVs, it offered a decent blend of utility and comfort, but ultimately couldn’t find a strong foothold in a highly competitive segment. After its discontinuation, Isuzu’s focus in markets like the U.S. shifted away from SUVs and passenger vehicles, concentrating more on its well-regarded commercial truck offerings.

Isuzu Ascender Sales Figures

US Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2005 7,585
2006 4,857
2007 2,948
2008 1,755
2009 288

US Annual Growth