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Potentially 88,943 of Hyundai’s excellent Santa Fe, a vehicle that once captured a Top 5 title here at, are facing a recall. The Santa Fe from model years 2007 and 2008, when purchased with the 18″ wheels are the vehicles affected. 

NHTSA’s statement includes this summary: “The black certification label affixed to the driver’s side center pillar, incorrectly lists the gross axle weight ratings (GAWR).

It may sound silly, but the consequences are more serious. “Overloading your vehicle may adversely affect handling and braking and may cause tire damage, resulting in tire failure and a crash without warning.” 

Then again, the “fix” is humorous. “Hyundai will mail corrected certification labels along with the instructions to the affected owners. The customer will have the option for dealers to install the label free of charge.”
This Hyundai Santa Fe Recall begins in August.