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3,387 Hyundai owners ought to be heading to their local dealership because of faulty trailer hitche wiring harnesses that could end up on fire. 

Both SUVs, the Santa Fe and Veracruz, from model years 2007 and 2008, were fitted with hitches whose circuit boards can receive unwanted moisture. That moisture leads to corrosion…. you know, the typical Recall stuff.
Customers affected should be aware sometime this month. If you’re not sure, Hyundai agents will help you at 1-800-633-5151. NHTSA wants you to know a couple other things. Keep in mind, “This recall supersedes a previous recall conducted by Hyundai affecting the same trailer hitch wiring components concerning high current leakage or a short circuit of capacitor C1. Owners who have already had their trailer hitch repaired under the initial campaign will receive a second notice from Hyundai to have the newly designed harness installed. Hyundai will notify all owners and will repair the affected harnesses free of charge.”