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Some recalls come along in a fashion causing one to easily determine that a small percentage of owners will actually have the problem dealt with. NHTSA’s announcement that Hyundai will be issuing a Recall of 150,954 Elantras from model year 2001 is one such Recall.

Without further adieu, here are the specifics from NHTSA: “If a liquid is spilled in the area of the cupholder on the center console, it may seep through the console opening for the parking brake lever and then drip onto the air bag control module electrical connector. The spilled liquid may contaminate the air bag control module and its electrical connector to the air bag wiring harness and cause the supplemental restraint system warning light to ulluminate.”
As for the consequences of such liquid seepage: “This condition may affect the driver and passenger frontal air bags or the driver and front passenger seat mounted side impact air bags and may prevent air bag deployment during a crash where such deployment should occur. Non-deployment of the SRS air bags may increase the risk of inury to the driver and front passenger under certain crash conditions.”
A protective cover will be placed over the air bag control module by dealers sometime for those who respond to this Hyundai Recall sometime before the end of the year.