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Hyundai is a very actively discussed topic here on, especially so since the beginning of 2009 when sales success in North America was nearly the exclusive domain of Korea’s biggest automaker. Canada, in particular, has been a breeding ground for Hyundais this year. The full story on Hyundai’s Canadian October, its best October ever, is displayed below.

If you’re a disgusted automaker’s PR rep wondering why Hyundai receives exceptional study, you can go right ahead and grow your sales with this kind of ferocity, too. Then profiles your brand, as well.


43 – percentage jump in Hyundai Canada’s October/2009 sales compared with October/2008
8,415 – total sales of Hyundais in Canada in October, down a little more than 9% compared with the previous month
1,417 – total sales of Canada’s fifth-best-selling car, the Hyundai Accent, in October
1,973 – total October sales of Canada’s fourth-best-selling car, the Hyundai Elantra, making October the Elantra’s best October ever, 187.6% better than October of ’08
750 – total October sales of the Elantra Touring
34.7 – sales decrease for the Hyundai Sonata in October, down from 930 last October to 607 in October of ’09
4 – total Hyundai Azeras sold to people who must’ve gotten great deals for not buying a Hyundai Genesis
97 – total sales of the Hyundai Genesis sedan, a 49.2% increase over the Genesis sedan total of 2008’s October
192 – total Hyundai Genesis Coupe sales in October, down from September’s total which was down from August’s total of 286
790 – total sales of the Hyundai Tucson in October, way up from last October’s total of 633, especially “way up” considering its status as soon-to-be-replaced
146 – total Veracruz sales in the month ending on Hallowe’en, up 17.7% year-over-year
103.3 – percentage increase in Canada’s October sales of the country’s third-best-selling SUV, Hyundai’s Santa Fe, making the midsizer’s sales total of 2,438 the best of any Hyundai for the month
3,374 – total Hyundai SUV sales in October in Canada, only 500 short of the company’s total car and truck sales in January of 2008