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Sit yourself down in the front passenger seat of your 2006, ’07, or ’08 Hyundai Sonata and determine whether or not the airbag system knows you’re present. If the sensor is confused, contact your dealer. You could be in for an ordeal – free of charge, of course.

In reality, encouraging owners to participate in diagnosing the problem with passenger-side airbag sensors and whether or not they’re activated and deactivated at the correct times is fine. However, if these sensors are confused, it’s more than likely that the light on the dash will provide different reactions at different times. Hyundai estimates that just 1% of the 394,000 cars potentially involved actually are, and if your car is, the seat cushion will be heading outside of the dealer. Yep, it could be a while. 
Hyundai will be providing customers with transportation for the intervening period. For those of you still seated in your 1985 Citation (see Memoriam here) and finding yourself dreadfully uninformed as to the great concept of airbags, figure it this way: airbags hurt. If they explode in the face of a child or very small adult, they do more than just hurt. Therefore, seats are tasked with deciphering the size of the person seated therein, so that small people won’t be exposed to the high-speed bag in the event of the crash. 
It appears as though some Hyundai Sonata airbags are unable to perform this task.