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Photography plays tricks. When you look at the picture of the Honda Accord seen here, you think that it’s a pleasant (though not pleasing), everyday (and for the everyman), inoffensive (though rarely challenging) and typical (skin-deep) kind of styling job.

Well, I’d consider you half-right. The photo is that of a car, the newest North American Honda Accord, which is pleasant enough to look at; typical of the kind of everyday cars you see, er…. everyday; and inoffensive to the degree that you may’ve failed to notice the image.

Accord’s should have arrived at your local dealership by now, but unless you’re in the market for a new midsize sedan, don’t bother driving down Automotive Avenue to get a good look at one of this continent’s best sellers. If indeed you are looking for a new midsize sedan, the Accord is truly worth a look and a drive.

It sounds as though I’m suggesting the Accord appears boring. In photographs; yes. Real-life still imagery? That too. But in motion, the new Accord has some on-the-road presence. I know, it sounds craaaahzy. We all know the Accord is a recommended purchase, but it’s never been meant to challenge the palette of your automotive design taste buds. And though I believe that all cars should excite or ignite or enflame something within my Oil & Fuel-filled veins, the Accord still fails to do so. But, and I mean it, the new Accord carries itself well when seen at 50 km/h. I’m not joking.

Decent wheels help and suitably proportioned; they be. Added flash is not OTT in the least. Rather than clear-lens taillamps – you know who you are – the Accord has some nice circular LED’s. Those rear lenses aren’t very large, either. At first those small lights might cause you to think the rear end is a bit bulbous, but then you realize that those specks of red amidst a sea of white, the colour of the first moving Accord I saw, is kind of cool.

The biggest design element used by the Accord to gain on-road presence is just that – its bigness. Check out stats sheet on the new Accord, then check stat sheet on the 2007 model. Scroll down for dimensions. Long, low, wide, lean. All characteristics that eventually lead to down-the-road impact. The new Accord has it. The old didn’t.

Need a comparison? Think humanity. The old Accord is the somewhat cool guy who happens to be, like, 51 years old. Fun to be around; steady guy; there when you need him. But hey, he’s 51. And it shows.

2008’s Honda Accord is the same guy who went on a makeover show on TLC. They didn’t colour his hair, but they taught him about good posture, sent him to the gym to bulk up, and only slightly adjusted his wardrobe. He runs faster and longer and carries more of your boxes on moving day. The makeover made a HUGE difference. His wife says he looks 44, and his daughter isn’t embarrassed to get a kiss goodbye at school.

Yeah, that’s the new Accord in a nutshell.