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Look at it. Just look at it. There can’t be a single car buyer alive who’s going to go buy one of these Honda Accord Crosstours because it looks good. In fact, it seems possible that hundreds, maybe even thousands of car buyers will turn away from the Accord Crosstour because of its design…. even if the rest of the vehicle appeals to the brain’s right side.

That’s a shame because, like most Hondas, the Accord Crosstour will be a supremely well-built vehicle. In the case of the Crosstour, space will be abundant, winter will be easy, and handling might even be sharper than you’d expect. Unlike the Accord 4-door’s status as unexciting but inoffensive, the Crosstour is both distasteful and somehow dull at the same time. This is certainly a long ways from the sharply dressed Accord coupe.
So it almost seems as though delving deeper into the Accord Crosstour’s spec sheet is a waste of time. The Good Car Nation is intelligent enough to avoid driving such a revolting piece of machinery. However, 271 horsepower is standard fare. The Crosstour’s cargo area holds 25.7 cubic feet of stuff, or 51.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded, plus another 1.9 cubic feet under the cargo hold. So more spacious behind the second row than the Honda Pilot is behind its third row, and more spacious behind the front row than the Pilot is to the rear of its third row, but not quite the load-carrier the Pilot is overall.
Crosstour pricing starts at $29,670 in the States; perhaps around $35,000 in Canada. Countless pictures are available for your viewing displeasure below. Thank goodness Honda still knows how to get it right sometimes. I do love me some CR-Z.