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According to, here are some numbers we should all be keeping in mind as fuel prices climb. And climb. And climb. Do you wanna be responsible with your cash? Can you manage making a one hour trip a 70 minute trip, if need be? It’ll be a struggle, but these numbers might convince you. You can check out other Fuel-oriented articles here or check out the GCBC Numbers here.

40 – percentage of energy wasted by your vehicle just “pushing air” around at highway speeds
4 – fewer miles per gallon your vehicle (and we mean pretty much any vehicle) will travel for every 10 extra miles per hour you manage

0.54 – equivalent extra cents per gallon you ‘pay’ for every 10mph over 60mph

28 – a vehicle that achieves this kind of mpg at 65mph would achieve just 24mpg at 75mph
3.6 – number of gallons required by the 28mpg vehicle for every 100 miles driven
1.93 – extra money, with gas at $3.25/g, required to drive the same car at 75mph rather than 65mph, using an extra 0.6g
30 – mpg of a Toyota Camry at 75mph rather than the 35mpg it achieved at 65mph, according to Consumer Reports
18 – mpg of a Mercury Mountaineer at 75mph rather than the 21mpg it achieved at 65mph
6.19 – extra dollars spent by the Camry owner when driving at 75mph rather than 65mph over a 400-mile road trip; or $10.32 for the Mountaineer
50 – minutes saved by driving at 75 rather than 65mph over the same 400 miles