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Another game-changer has come to fruition. Doesn’t it seem that every concept or production vehicle which a manufacturer debuts is the next great changer of the game?

Rrrrreally. Urban utility vehicles. Sport activity vehicles. Kite surfing vehicles. Personal transportation vehicles. It’s a CAR, ok? Just a car, truck, van, or SUV, maybe even a crossover. But stop telling me that your vehicle is a game-changer.

There’s good chance that you want it to be a game-changer because it’s not so great at the current game being played. And this goes for everyone, not just the makers of the Flex nee Fairlane.

The Flex may just do well, but it does seem somehow disappointing after the Fairlane. Which is weird, considering everything is so similar. Something is missing, and it may be the Fairlane’s urban look. The Flex has gone all country-avec-chrome. We’ll wait and see.

General Motors American sales went down 4% in March. Ford dropped 9%, which actually wasn’t as bad as expected. Chrysler Group’s sales were not as bad as expected, in fact, showing some improvement from February. Honda and Toyota both produced over 10% higher sales, March-on-March. Nissan, Hyundai and Kia also posted gains.

BMW’s new M3 is as hot as ever…. LX570 is the new name for the largest Lexus. 570 reflects an engine with an extra litre of displacement when compared with the previous generation. The Lexus LX570 is a large veeehikul…. The cool Kia Soul will be produced…. As Bush and the EPA taper off hybrid rebates, Toyota is picking up some of the slack on behalf of Prius sales…. The Chrysler Group is now “officially” for sale. Check MLS and AutoTrader for all the details. Or not.