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In the same vein as Renault’s Clio V6, Toyota has released a one-off Aygo Crazy Concept. Unlike the Clio V6, this very small and very fast and very crazy car will remain a one shot deal. 

Toyota is pretty much the last vehicle manufacturer from which you’d expect a car – smaller than any car Toyota sells in North America – that removes a tiny engine from the front of the car and slots in a high-strung, turbocharged, and slightly larger engine in the rear of the car. Toyota shares the basic Aygo with Peugeot and Citroen, two automakers that you could, in some far flung corner of your brain, predict to be builders of such a machine.
The ACC has no ABS, no power steering, and sends no power to the front wheels. Indeed, as a 200bhp rear-wheel driver, the ACC is very much the Bizarro World’s Aygo. The engine is flipped, the drive wheels are flopped, and power is more than doubled. Even the rear wing comes from former Toyota Champ Car Series racers. 
Crazy indeed.