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GoodCarBadCar Housekeeping: A Note To Readers Regarding GCBC Notes

As GoodCarBadCar expands, so too does the role of its founder and editor in other corners of the internet. 

This isn’t bad news, but it does generate some serious time management issues.

Fret not, GoodCarBadCar isn’t going anywhere. Nor will the number of posts we publish each month. Even new car reviews will be published at an ever increasing rate: eight reviews were completed in all of 2012, 26 have been published already this year.

But routine monthly sales articles will undergo changes to open up time for data and analysis to be provided to, The Truth About Cars, and other soon-to-be-announced outlets, not to mention the fact that time is needed for other life-altering projects.

The changes won’t affect the way numbers are delivered to you. 

Each month, GoodCarBadCar supplies brand rankings for both the U.S. and Canada, then lists of the best-selling cars, SUVs, and trucks in both countries, plus a whole lot more: the 30 best-selling vehicles, ten worst-selling vehicles, 15 best-selling luxury vehicles, complete rankings for all vehicles; all cars; all SUVs and crossovers; all minivans; all commercial vans, segment breakdowns for small cars, midsize cars, large cars, small SUVs, midsize SUVs, large SUVs, sports cars, small luxury SUVs, midsize luxury SUVs, large luxury SUVs, small luxury cars, midsize luxury cars, large luxury cars, and a U.S.-only chart that breaks down Mini’s volume by variant. 

At all times, GoodCarBadCar updates a database full of historical monthly and yearly sales figures for every model, every auto brand, every automobile manufacturer, and the total size of the auto market.

The numbers will continue, but the words that are normally parked above – the words you skip half the time because you’re so obsessed with the hard data – will dwindle to nearly nothing. Hopefully, your attention will continue to be drawn to key facts, but don’t take that as a promise. 

Thousands of you visit GoodCarBadCar every day. Many thousands more do so every week. We offer our thanks to you, and to all those who arrive because of the links that you’ve posted on forums, Facebook, and news sites. GoodCarBadCar is a free service – you don’t have to pay for premium content. It’ll stay that way, too. And GoodCarBadCar’s presence in the world isn’t just good for you, it’s necessary for GoodCarBadCar’s own editor to simplify the locating of background info.